Serving Scrumptious Pastries And Lovely Gift Baskets

At River Q's Pastry Pantry, we satiate our passion for serving up smiles by reinventing the way we gift with sweets. We curate crowd-pleasing pastry baskets so your special someone can have the perfect gift on every occasion.

Patisserie in Progress

Having been in the business for more than 40 years has allowed us to get creative with our pastries and offerings. When Billie Doyle became store head more than five years ago, she focused on improving not just our goods, but also our services. She helped our team better incorporate the values of professionalism, quality, ownership, and accountability in everything we do.


Treats of Quality

Let your love taste absolute perfection in every confection. All of our pastries are made completely fresh using superior-quality ingredients. We promise that each bite will be as memorable as the first!

For Every Taste and Budget

There is absolutely no budget too small nor request too complex to fulfill! Our friendly staff can help you curate a specialty treat basket that perfectly fits your preferences.


Open for Funeral Service Requests

While we are closed on Sundays, we still accommodate orders for clients who have funeral services that fall on this day. Phone our friendly staff to learn more.

Connect With Us

To experience the River Q’s Pastry Pantry difference, reach out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.